2020 NFL Draft - Day 1

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

With the first day of the memorable virtual draft completed, I am going into each pick and what it means for the team. A completely different experience than what we are used to, one that I was a little underwhelmed by.

There were a fair amount of surprises in the draft, however, I for one expected more reaction when the players were selected. For some reason I believed that as they were at home in with their family, they would be more inclined to show more emotion, if anything it was the opposite. None the less it was an experience I won’t be forgetting for a long time.

Pick 1 - Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow - QB - LSU

This was an obvious pick, although there were plenty of rumours of Miami wanting to trade up for Burrow, I couldn’t see him going anywhere else. This should be an exciting chapter for Cincinnati.

Pick 2 - Washington Redskins

Chase Young - DE - Ohio State

Chase Young was clearly the most talented player in this draft, however, The selection of Burrow meant that he wasn’t the first off of the board. Ron Rivera has a monster on defense there in his first year as Head Coach, with his defensive background he will be more than happy with this.

Pick 3 - Detroit Lions

Jeff Okudah - CB - Ohio State

This move made all the sense in the world. They recently parted ways with Darius Slay, leaving a gaping hole in that position. Okudah is an unbelievable talent on a rookie contract now for several years, easing the blow of losing Slay.

Pick 4 - New York Giants

Andrew Thomas - OT - Georgia

The first surprise in the draft came as early as this, not taking away from the quality of Thomas but in my eyes he wasn’t the best tackle available. The move to bring a tackle in was one of the most sensible things the Giants front office has done for some time.

Pick 5 - Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa - QB - Alabama

Tua has been one of the most talked-about players coming into this draft and int he end he went exactly where he was expected to. I am a firm believer that Tua will be one of the top quarterbacks in the league in a few years.

Pick 6 - Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert - QB - Oregon

After telling the world how comfortable they are with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback, the Chargers went and drafted Justin Herbert 6th overall. He’s an exciting prospect going into a strong Chargers set up.

Pick 7 - Carolina Panthers

Derrick Brown - DT - Auburn

The Panthers could have chosen to improve all over the defence. Strong pick to improve the centre of that defensive line.

Pick 8 - Arizona Cardinals

Isaiah Simmons - LB - Clemson

I thought the Cardinals should have been focusing on the offensive line, however, it proved impossible to pass up on the freak athlete that is Simmons. I can’t blame them.

Pick 9 - Jacksonville Jaguars

CJ Henderson - CB - Florida

The Jags are another team that needs to fill a number of spots all over the place. It was glaringly obvious that losing Ramsey and Bouye meant that they needed to bring someone in. Henderson is a superb cover cornerback and has ground himself staying in Florida again.

Pick 10 - Cleveland Browns

Jedrick Wills - OT - Alabama

This is the perfect pick in this position, the offensive line is somewhere that needed urgent attention, and Wills is one of the top Tackles on the board at this point. One thing is for sure, Baker Mayfield will have a lot more protection this year.

Pick 11 - New York Jets

Mekhi Becton - OT - Louisville

The Jets could have taken one of the elite wide receivers here, but nobody could criticize them for picking this monster on the offensive line. If you find the time, take a look at his combine.

Pick 12 - Las Vegas Raiders

Henry Ruggs III - WR - Alabama

Ruggs in my eyes is the wide receiver most suited to the modern-day NFL. His blistering pace and incredible bursts after the catch are ideal attributes coming into the league.

Pick 13 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tristan Wirfs - OT - Iowa

The Buccaneers traded up one spot to make sure they got their man. Wirfs was the best tackle left on the board, in fact it was a surprise that he was still available. Great move making sure TB12 has the protection to be able to find the sensational set of receivers he has.

Pick 14 - San Francisco 49ers

Javon Kinlaw - DT - South Carolina

I fully expected the 49ers to take a wide receiver or a cornerback but they went and replaces DeForrest Buckner with a very talented young DT. Not a terrible move, but with some of the receivers available it is not one I would have made.

Pick 15 - Denver Broncos

Jerry Jeudy - WR - Alabama

The Broncos probably couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Jerry Jeudy sitting there on the board still. This must have been the easiest decision they have made in a long time. That offense is going to be exciting.

Pick 16 - Atlanta Falcons

A.J Terrell - CB - Clemson

Sensible pick for the Falcons after losing Trufant. Their defense really struggled last year, even with Trufant their, losing him was a set back they were not in a position to absorb, it made sense to find his replacement immediately.

Pick 17 - Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb - WR - Oklahoma

I bet the Cowboys front office couldn’t send their pick in fast enough when CeeDee made it to them. Can you imagine Dak Prescott’s face when he realised he is going to have this guy as well as Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup?

Pick 18 - Miami Dolphins

Austin Jackson - OT - USC

The Dolphins are rebuilding their team and to go with their new quarterback they have added some protection with the best offensive tackle available at the pick.

Pick 19 - Las Vegas Raiders

Damon Arnette - CB - Ohio State

This is a position thaT the Raiders needed to address, however, this seems to be a little bit early to be taking him. Their scouting team and front office must really like him.

Pick 20 - Jacksonville Jaguars

K’Lavon Chaisson - Edge - LSU

The Jaguars are in need of improvements all over the field but with the recent dismantling of their defense, it made sense to add an edge rusher, especially with Yannick Ngakoue looking for a move.

Pick 21 - Philadelphia Eagles

Jalon Raegor - WR - Texas Christian

I’m shocked that the Eagles picked Raegor rather than taking Jefferson who was also available at this point. The Eagles needed a wide receiver and they got one, I‘m just not sure he was the best one.

Pick 22 - Minnesota Vikings

Justin Jefferson - WR - LSU

The Vikings traded away Stefon Diggs for this pick and my initial thoughts are that this worked out very well for them. Although Diggs is a great receiver, Jefferson was one of the best wide receivers in this class.

Pick 23 - LA Chargers

Kenneth Murray - LB - Oklahoma

In standard Patriots fashion, they have traded out of the first round and given themselves more picks in the second and third rounds at a time they need to rebuild a roster. The Chargers have used this pick to fur to further improve their already stacked defense.

Pick 24 - New Orleans Saints

Cesar Ruiz - C - Michigan

The Saints are clearly looking for depth on that offensive line. It has been an area that they have struggled with injuries at times over the past few years so there is no harm in adding depth here. I am surprised they didn’t take Jordan Love.

Pick 25 - San Francisco 49ers

Brandon Aiyuk - WR - Arizona State

After taking a defensive tackle earlier in the draft, the 49ers traded up to pick up a promising talent in Brandon Aiyuk. After losing Emmanuel Sanders, it is a position they needed to improve in.

Pick 26 - Green Bay Packers

Jordan Love - QB - Utah

One of the biggest surprises for me is the Packers trading up for Jordan Love. It’s a clear show of intent with the direction they are going in. Rodgers is the same age as what Farve was when he was brought in and trading up for him shows they did not want to miss out on him. I can’t imagine Rodgers liking that.

Pick 27 - Seattle Seahawks

Jordan Brooks - LB - Texas Tech

Considering the Seahawks really needed to add talent on the offensive line and at cornerback, this move is not what I expected. However in saying that, the Seahawks know how to build an unstoppable defense so who am I to question them.

Pick 28 - Baltimore Ravens

Patrick Queen - LB - LSU

The Ravens already had one of the best defenses in the league so I thought they would be using this pick on a wide receiver. However the teams ahead of them didn’t take a receiver either so they could be confident of picking one up in the second round.

Pick 29 - Tennessee Titans

Isaiah Wilson - OT - Georgia

Considering how much the Titans rely on their run game, it is no surprise that they are adding to the offensive line. I fully expect them to bring in a wide receiver in the second round.

Pick 30 - Miami Dolphins

Noah Igbinoghene - CB - Auburn

After them bringing in Byron Jones in free agency, I really didn’t see them adding another cornerback with this pick. I would have preferred them to take a Running Back.